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Chairman speakes


A P Aboobackar Musliar

Welcome to MarkazPublic School a unit of Markaz Group of Schools. It has been our privilege to be the management of this prestigious institution, which has a commendable history of over two decades.The school has always laid stress on providing quality education to young impressionable minds. To us each child is unique.The overall administration of the school is run by a School Management Committee, a nominated body constituted by the authority. The Director, Adminisrative Officer, Principal and other members of staff are always available for suggestions, constructive criticism and complaints.

The education imparted here aims to prepare children from weaker section of society for life. To develop our students into multi-faceted personalities, our curriculum lays equal emphasis on academics and extra-curricular activities. We believe in creating various opportunities for the students to display their skill and talent. Walking through the corridors our school, one will be awed at the creativity of our students projected in the various bulletin boards. In a world where moral values are eroding fast, it is imperative that moral education is part of the curriculum. We, at IPS, are committed to make our students understand and respect Islamic culture and India's ancient wisdom and take lessons out of it. We would mould them into holistic and proactive global citizens who can confidently don the mantle of tomorrow's leaders.

We want to make schooling exciting for all and are in the process of redefining the way our children learn. We believe that true education isn't how much you have committed to memory or even how much you know. On the contrary, it is being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't. Our leadership constantly explore ways to transcend the conventional boundaries of learning and provide the most stimulating environment and infrastructure that empower our teachers to evolve instructional strategies that provide endless lines of inquiries and possibilities for learning to occur in students, who collaborate, think, reflect and communicate.